Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cassilis Comfort Stop

Keegan enjoying a break at Cassilis (on the chair box)!
Erin's rainbow lorikeet, Keegan, is an experienced camper and travels with us.  These days the cockatiels stay at home with our two cats.  Some very good friends agreed to holiday in our house while we were away, to look after the livestock (which also included Erin's scorpions, 2 fish and a yabby) - and play tourist on the Central Coast.

It was very cold at Cassilis!  As space was limited, my snow jacket was resting on the floor in front of my seat and I traveled along with my feet tucked into the jacket's folds.  I won't say my feet were cosy but they did eventuallly defrost!  Not long after Cassilis, all traffic needed to pull over for this huge digger.  Our boy was super-impressed and wanted us to buy one!!

What's the going rate for a digger this size?!

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