Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Broadening our horizons

Here you can see Nick's table and box handiwork!

We had managed a total of nine nights camping in 2009 - not bad for our first year, though our longest effort was four nights only.  Therefore there was considerable excitement (and some trepidation) when we packed our new trailer in January for our longest adventure to that point; 13 nights a whole lot further from home!

Our camping gear was a bit flasher post-Christmas - as well as our Maxi BBQ we now had a 3-way fridge (hence the gas bottle), fantastic reclining chairs, an adjustable table (no more preparing meals on the back-breaking card table) and a gazebo!

Nick commenced packing a few nights prior to departure, ably assisted by Young Master Vaughan.  We were to be a party of five, so space was still a premium and much of the new gear was stacked on the table-top. 

Making sure everything is strapped on super-tight!

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