Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Showered with affection!

Ta-dah!  One shower enclosure!
When asked for opinions on a destination for our January camping, both girls had been adamant that showers were a priority!  By way of explanation, there are no showers in the forest and our longest stint was 4 nights away from home - so running water was truly appreciated when we returned!  Fellow forest campers had rocked up one time with a solar shower and pop-up ensuite tent, which seemed a fairly nifty concept.  The solar shower was cheap enough but we weren't convinced the ensuite tent was a bargain. so it was left in the shop - and Nick rigged this tarp enclosure instead.  (For the uninitiated, solar shower is a fancy name for a black plastic bag with a hose)!
The smile says it all!
My Kwiambal open-air(ish) shower was wonderful! I did keep an eye on the wandering goanna though, just in case he/she was our soap-swiping culprit!

The soap-swiper?!

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