Tuesday, 26 January 2010

To the bat cave!

"The vulnerable and rare Large Bent-wing Bat (minio-terus schreibersii) depends on the caves as a nursery and roosting site. The Eastern Horse-shoe Bat is also recorded in these caves. These bats are protected species, and as such the caves will be closed during their breeding season."
Erin is a big bat fan (and she likes small bats too!), so visiting the Limestone Caves was a compulsory outing, which we all appreciated.  As much as we enjoyed exploring, seeing the bats and fairy martens (small birds), it was at least 10 degrees cooler within the caves so a very pleasant contrast to the outside.

There is some information regarding the history of Kwiambal National park generally (and the Limestone Caves specifically) at the link below:- 


Just checking - any in here?
There they are!

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