Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Not a lemon

$75.00 for all of us to stay 6 nights - bargain!
"If you want to camp at Kwiambal National Park, Lemon Tree Flat offers space and close access to the Severn River. The inviting shady spaces of the riverbank offer the perfect place for a quiet getaway, to rewind and relax."
And if you want to unwind, that's fine too!  On the morning after our arrival, we surveyed our night-time camp set-up handiwork and were well pleased with our efforts.  We hadn't camped in a National Park before, so Kwiambal was a lovely introduction for us.  (Although the web information had advised to bring firewood, the rangers actually delivered some right to our trailer - a short walk from our tent)!

We had met roos and possums on arrival but daylight revealed goannas and water dragons on our doorstep with many birds overhead.  The screeching of the cockatoos woke us most mornings - and when they quietened, the cicadas started the second shift!

One of the benefits of waking so early was being able to walk quietly to the water's edge and spot for platypus.  Erin was lucky one morning and I caught a glimpse another day - even managed a rather blurry shot!

The river was gorgeous and it was only a short wander from camp to a small sandy beach and shallow swimming hole.  Although we stayed round our gazebo through the hottest part of the day, we usually enjoyed a couple of dips in the river each afternoon (with the resident yabbies)!

The morning after  -  not bad for fumbling in the dark!

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