Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pamper campers?!

Our new camp setup - gazebo, 3-height tables and mats!
We were a lot more comfortable this camping trip - the 3-height tables proved a fantastic purchase as were our proper camping chairs.  Our backs definitely appreciated the money spent!  It was novel to be traveling with a fridge too (though we still had two large eskies as back-up).

It rained at different points during our stay, so the gazebo was another worthwhile investment.  It was our first trip with the huge table and so much bench-space was a luxury.  As we stayed in a caravan park, we weren't able to have a fire so relied on the dual fuel stove for our evening meals, which worked well as a BBQ one night with a little improvisation!

To this point, all our camping trips had been to the Forest with no shower facilities and drop loos only - so although we elected to stay on a non-powered site at Nambucca Heads, it still felt very flash to be in a caravan park with showers and flushing loos not too far away!  As much as we enjoyed the amenities block, it was definitely unusual to be in such close proximity to other campers - even though we had deliberately chosen the least busy of the three available caravan parks (and tucked ourselves into a bushy corner).

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