Tuesday, 26 January 2010

What's Yarrahapinni(ng)?!

A fellow tourist liked my camera, so took this group shot!
One of the highlights of our Nambucca stay was visiting Mount Yarrahapinni in the Yarriabini National Park.   (Nope, I can't pronounce either name)!

Nick had told us stories of the resident goannas there - and two very obligingly engaged in an intense wrestle beside our picnic table.  I decided they were too engrossed in each other to be bothered about me, so crouched down for these pics - and made good use of the zoom.  (A third, smaller goanna beat a hasty retreat up a nearby tree when these two began fighting, so I didn't want to stray too close to the action as he/she was far more limber than I).

The victor chased the loser some considerable distance before sauntering back to the picnic ground - and we kept a respectful distance from him when he returned!

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