Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tyres and tribulations

Almost the way we went!  (We drove via Ashford).
Thanks largely to Nick and Erin's efforts we (very proudly) made the 10am check-out from our Nambucca Heads caravan park, even with taking Vaughan to the doctor and subsequent medication run.  (We were very conscious that upon arrival at Kwiambal, we would be around an hour and a half's drive from Inverell, the closest major town).

It was a very pretty drive across the mountains and we enjoyed a few stops en route.  We purchased some supplies at Inverell (including a new glass for our camp lantern) and were still reasonably optimistic of setting up camp at Kwiambal National Park before sunset.  As we traveled further though (and the roads became rougher), it became obvious that we had been too optimistic - even before the flat tyre episode!

By the time we actually reached the Lemon Tree Flat campground, there was very little light left and we worked hard to set up tents, gazebo et al by torch and lamp light - watched by possums and roos (and the odd water dragon)! 

When the tantalising smell of toasting insects became all too much, we feasted on dolmades, crackers and rather fine cheese - though kept working while munching! 
The jack and spare tyre were buried in the boot ...

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