Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Texas tour

Population about three times that of Wallangra!

We went to Texas - and Keegan came too!  We caused a bit of a stir in the main street.  A man came out to investigate our scurrying about in front of his shop.  He was distinctly unimpressed that a gecko had caused such excitement!  It was too hot to leave Keegan in the car, so Erin carried him along with her - and various people came up to admire him and tell bird stories.

Nick had consulted the map the previous night and was hopeful of obtaining Pepsi Max (aka "black death") at Wallangra.  I had my doubts but it was a bit of a giggle to witness his expression as we passed through the small township of six houses!  (I have checked just now and it seems the recorded population is 228, so I am wondering where all the people were hiding)!

Fortunately Texas offered a choice of two shops (and a butcher), so we took the opportunity to stock up on a few items including ice and "black death".   I visited the butcher too, who was a bit surprised to be featuring in Nick's holiday DVD but coped reasonably well with his few minutes of fame!

It was so hot that ice-creams were very welcome!

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