Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Cowboy town ...

What a difference the tripod would have made!
A few days before leaving for our January adventure, we received a quote to fix the Commodore's air-conditioning.  $800 seemed quite steep, so we elected to travel the old-fashioned way with all the windows down.  Each passenger was issued with a spray bottle (and told in no uncertain terms that squirting the driver was not allowed)!

It was very hot the day we were driving home (close to 40 degrees) and our tolerance for old-fashioned traveling had expired by the time we reached Tamworth (aka "cowboy town").  The first caravan park we tried was not Keegan-friendly but happily Austin Tourist Park was happy to have him (and us) in an overnight cabin.  http://www.austintouristpark.com.au/

Erin, Nick and I all enjoyed a shower - while Vaughan had a soak in the mini-bath shower recess.  Erin asked him afterward if he was squeaky clean - he rubbed his singlet and jamies before responding that he didn't squeak!

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