Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Dungeon

You would think a Dungeon would be down-low - yes?!  I guess this one was but you had to climb high (and walk far) to view it.  We set off reasonably early one morning on an extended bushwalk.  It was very scenic walking through the boulder country along the river, though very hot and we rested often along the way.  The pics above are from one of our stops, making best use of the little shade available.  Vaughan was whingey at various points but overall managed the 1.7km walk with his boots on the wrong feet!

After we reached the main lookout and admired the view, it was another 2km walk back to our car.  We walked along a road for the return trip, easier in some ways (for all but Nick, who carried Vaughan at points) though there was far less shade.

The Dungeon Lookout

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