Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Trailer not tardis!

After several re-packs, just about ready to go (finally)!
It was a good thing Nick started packing a couple of days early because on the morning of departure we re-packed the inside of the trailer several times!  The re-packing affected our departure time - as did Nissa's early morning phone call to advise she couldn't travel due to severe sunburn, which was obviously sad news on a couple of counts.  (At that stage we hadn't given up on her joining us down the track, so continued to pack her bed/bedding - and saved her space in the car).

There were a few other mishaps but eventually at around 10am we were ready for the road and the 400km trip North to Nambucca Heads, for our longest camping adventure to that point.

We're off!

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