Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nipping in for a dip

Our swimming "beach" - about 200m from camp
We swam in the late afternoon as though it was very hot during the day, the sun had a lot of "bite" and we were determined to avoid sunburn.  It seemed the water had "bite" also - and it took us a while to realise there were small yabbies hiding in the sandy gravel!  They nipped at our legs and it became an afternoon sport to catch them while lolling about in the water.  The river was so tannin-stained, it was like swimming in tea - which was to the yabbies' distinct advantage in anything but the shallowest water!
Much giggling when Nick got nipped!!
Erin engrossed in yabby catching!
Looking down river toward our campsite
Looking up river to unexplored territory!

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