Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Yabbying at Moolya Creek

There were cows paddling in the creek  when we arrived!
We had driven out to Moolya Creek the previous day and decided to go back with some of Peter's yabby traps.

(Peter recommended frankfurts as yabby bait, so we called back home to collect a pack).  

To describe the afternoon as stinking hot was probably an understatement! Shortly after arrival, I returned home for extra drinks, cool-ties and a long sleeved shirt for Erin.  By the time I came back, the others had caught a dozen yabbies!

Checking for launch!
Vaughan called me "Batman"!

We caught 33 yabbies before heading home!
As well as the expected yabbies, the traps also yielded several varieties of small fish, a yellow crab and a snail!

Throughout the afternoon, Vaughan also found a few tiny frogs tucked into the muddy cowprints.

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