Sunday, 26 December 2010

Kingfisher's Box(ing) Day

The baby kingfisher had made a couple of short flights on Christmas day and had spent the night inside again, in a towel covered box.

Nick put him/her on the back verandah when departing for the "mine".

The little fellow spent most of the morning perched on our camping clothesline with his parents visiting frequently, bearing small frogs and grasshoppers.

Later in the afternoon we noticed many apostle birds but no kingfisher.  On investigating further we found he had flown into his tree and the other birds were bullying him.  We threw out some bread and happily the apostle birds flew down to fight over that instead.

Erin later reported that the baby kingfisher had flown next door and could no longer be seen.  However she spotted him much later in the day, flying near the bore drain with both parents looking on.  We saw all of them at different times during the remainder of our stay.

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