Friday, 31 December 2010


Although we had asked for a house with air-conditioning, Louise's evaporative cooler wasn't very effective against the more humid conditions.  At lunchtime it was 37 degrees outside and 36.5 degrees inside.  The only difference the "Bonaire" made was to create more noise!

I dozed after lunch, trying to counter a headache, while Nick took Erin and Vaughan exploring.

They returned in the early evening, quite hurriedly as Vaughan had fallen off a dirt pile and injured his hand (again).
He was quite sure he wouldn't survive the injury, so they had driven him home very quickly for treatment!

After Nick applied first aid, I was taken to admire all the frogs in Tom Fagan park!

These guys were huddled together under the picnic shelter roof.  

It seemed to us that the spot they had chosen was quite hot, exacerbated by so many frogs in close proximity but they seemed happy enough!

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