Monday, 20 December 2010

You chase one goat herd!

We made it home after 7 or 8 stops ...
We unpacked quite thoroughly before heading up to the Bluff - where we had lots of fun hooning cross-country in pursuit of a large wild goat herd. I managed only a few pics of the goats because I was laughing too much (and the ride was fairly rough for photography)!

All good things come to end though and it became obvious when we stopped that the goats were having the last laugh - Elmer's front left wheel had been staked in the chase.

Remember our thorough unpacking?!  Yep, we had been so thorough that although the high-lift jack was available for tyre-changing, there were no tools on hand to unfasten it from the roof!  Not that access to the jack mattered greatly as we hadn't been able to access the spare from beneath the truck either.

It was probably a 2-3km walk back to Louie's shack, so we came up with a plan ...

Fortunately the newly purchased air compressor was still on board, so Nick wedged it between the bull-bar and bonnet and connected it to the battery.  The two of us took turns to apply huge pressure to the substantial hole while the compressor was running (inflating the tyre).  When the tyre was deemed ready, the hose was hurriedly disconnected and we would both run to jump into the car.

(Have you seen "Little Miss Sunshine"?! While we didn't faithfully re-enact their car shenanigans, there were some similarities)!
The Happy Hamby Hooners?!
Nick would then drive as far/fast as possible, while I hung out the window to keep an eye on the tyre and shout "stop" when it was getting too flat.

At one point we both were hanging out our windows because the bonnet flipped up!

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