Monday, 20 December 2010

Cunnamulla Christmas

Vaughan waited outside - catching moths & grasshoppers
We arrived in Cunnamulla around 10am and stopped for a few pre-Christmas missions.  The Post Office was busy, so I queued with the locals and enjoyed listening to them banter about how much better they could run the country!

(The post office is located on the former Cobb & Co stockyard site.  The building was constructed in 1890 and seemingly the exterior has remained relatively untouched since then).

We had purchased most of our provisions before leaving home, so didn't need much more - just fresh bread, Christmas ham and a couple of overlooked grocery items.  (The lamb loin chops weren't a necessity but were at least $10 p/kg cheaper than home, so we succumbed to temptation and got them too)!

Vaughan had been busy collecting grasshoppers as we strolled about town.  A council worker spotted his collection and called us over to offer another specimen, one she had discovered while working in the gardens.

Vaughan was well-pleased with this new addition and had fun showing off his captives to some of the local (older) boys, who were probably more interested in Keegan (Erin's rainbow lorikeet).  The boys chased after us as we were heading back to the car though - to gift Vaughan two more grasshoppers!

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