Monday, 27 December 2010

Lake Bindegolly

Elmer - after traveling Blackgate Road!
When we had visited Yowah in July, another couple sang the praises of all the birdlife at Lake Bindegolly.

We weren't able to visit that trip but definitely wanted to see the lake, so called in on our way to Thargomindah.

All the rain meant the lake was a huge expanse of water, which was very impressive as we drove along - even before turning in to the information shelter.

We had been enjoying Elmer's air-conditioning, so the afternoon heat was a little shocking!

Not surprisingly, no-one was keen to walk 2.5, 4.5 or 9.2 kilometres in the blazing sun to see more birds!

The former road and causeway ...
Fortunately, we only needed to look up as there was a mud nest with chicks under the shelter roof - and other birds swimming quite close to a former causeway.

(Traffic now uses the bridge which can be seen in the extreme left of pic).

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