Sunday, 19 December 2010

On the road again - finally!

Breakfast at Jerry's Plains (two hours from home)
We enjoyed Yowah so much in July that we decided to spend a month there over Christmas. Our departure date was originally set at 18 December but was delayed a day when all the packing became too much!

Although we received word (about a fortnight prior to leaving) that a powered shack was available for our use, we still took tents and camping equipment (as well as supplies for a month, including the all-important Pepsi Max, Christmas gifts, fossicking equipment and other paraphernalia).

At that stage we intended to use the shack as a base and do some short camping trips from there - and use the tents as overflow accommodation at Yowah if necessary.

"He spiked my hand!"
There had been much rain in the lead-up to our departure and we did wonder if the various reported flooding would impact en route.

As it was, we saw lots of water along the way (an interesting contrast to our July trip) and many "water over road" signs but the road remained clear.

We stayed overnight in Byrock again (700km from home) - back in "the Tinny".  Vaughan caught this bearded dragon within minutes of our arrival (ably assisted by Erin) and was very chuffed with his catch, as you can see!

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