Monday, 20 December 2010

Eulo Refuel

The petrol bowsers are on the footpath, behind Elmer!
When we last visited Yowah, fuel at the Artesian Waters caravan park kiosk was only available to park guests.

As we were staying elsewhere this trip, we made sure both tanks were topped up before heading into Yowah.

Nick was just about eaten alive by sandflies while standing at the pump.  We certainly weren't expecting them so far from the coast - and definitely didn't realise then how big a problem such a small insect could be!

I suffered many bites to my feet (soon after arriving in Yowah), which then blistered rather impressively and took over two weeks to fully heal.  Although I had packed my boots as protection against burrs etc when wandering about, I could only wear thongs due to the blisters. 

(As a child my father had made tyre/rope thongs for my brother and I, so the contrast between those and my glam sequined pair was a bit of a giggle). My feet had finally recovered by our last week but I was bitten again - just once - and that one blister again thwarted any boot-wearing! 

Sadly, Nissa suffered similar blistered bites when she joined us on 4 January. She skinned her toes also (when she fell off a bike), so not even thongs were not an option for her.

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