Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Feast

The Chef (and Chef's assistant)!
We enjoyed a lovely, relaxed morning playing with our various Christmas loot and supervising Vaughan's bike riding.

It was quite hot, so I lay down again to doze for a while.

When I woke, Nick had cheffed lunch and all I needed to do was set the table (and make some "Yowah nut" gravy)!

The Christmas lunch crew!
It was a gorgeous feast of baked lamb, roast vegies, tinned corn and peas - which we all thoroughly enjoyed (in spite of the heat). 

Our cracker jokes were extra funny as half were written in some obscure European language!

Ver du hvorfor Lada'n har fire pedaler?
Gass brems, clutch - og en til a pumpe opp airbagen med ...

Hah?! Hah?! Hah?!

Kingfisher feast:  When Erin woke, the parent kingfishers were on the back verandah calling for their baby (who had spent Christmas Eve inside with us, safe in a towel-covered box).  Erin took him out to them and they brought him grasshoppers and frogs through the day.  Although he rejected some tidbits, he had enough energy to make a couple of short flights and we were pleased with his progress!

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