Sunday, 26 December 2010

Frog Hopping

Everyone else was asleep that night when Tanya rang. I chatted to her while watching a very small (and speedy) frog skip across the concrete floor. In trying to catch him later, I spotted another on one of the screen doors so let that one out instead. The shack had three doors and I ended up escorting one frog through each but whenever I turned around there were more frogs - and all much faster than me! Consequently, there were still plenty inside when I went to bed!

I was semi-asleep another night with Vaughan snuggled against me. I thought he was playing with my hair in his sleep but realised his hands were in the wrong position, so felt behind my pillow and encountered a medium-sized frog hopping through my hair! He continued across the top of the bed - and later returned the same way!

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