Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Mooching around Maldon

We thoroughly enjoyed Vaughan's last day as a 10-year-old, exploring around the "notable town" of Maldon. It was our first-ever visit and we were impressed!

Our day started and finished at the geographical centre of Victoria - Mt Tarrangower.

Vaughan found a scorpion on both visits (and a gecko in the afternoon).

Of course, there were wonderful views from the tower for those brave enough to scale the steps.  (I can vouch for the views from ground level also)!

Our next stop was Maldon Cemetery, where burials commenced in 1854.

There was a Chinese funeral oven on site was used for burning offerings to spirits of the dead.

The Rock of Ages overlooked the cemetery and a favourite spot, though listed as optional in the self-drive tour booklet.

Later in the day we spent time at the dredge and dragline.  (The 15-year delay before the dredge was fully operational and fairly short production period prompted various discussion).

At different points during the day, we'd seen the Beehive Mine chimney, so called in for a closer look - before heading up ANZAC hill.  We weren't quite sure where the track led, so were pleasantly surprised to arrive back at the tower. A fine finale after some fantastic adventuring!


  1. Looks almost as interesting as Kyneton!!!

    1. I think it has a lot more on offer than Kyneton! ;)