Saturday, 12 March 2016

Turning tables ...

Our original folding picnic table served us well for several years before being culled as part of our extreme down-sizing last year.  It was very useful at spots without facilities - and was a bonus at times when all other tables were in use!

Nick and I were poking around our favourite tip shop the other day.  We had a particular project in mind so came away with a length of cable, some Tupperware and this replacement table - all for $10.00!  I'd say the table was $5.00 of that, which is a bargain.

It's a lot newer than our previous one and in spite of Vaughan's face-pulling weighs considerably less also!  I really don't think it's seen much use.  Two of the seats are a different shade of green but we quite liked that.

We tested the table today at Camp Hill Reserve, near Beaufort.  It was very pleasant picnicking while overlooking the small township - and the provisions were good!

As I was eating, one of the awning legs lifted.  Before I could call a warning through my mouthful, the other leg had also lifted and the whole awning sailed onto Elmer's roof.  Fortunately the awning is still intact and one of the side poles, though bent, should straighten.  Fingers crossed!

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