Thursday, 24 March 2016

Flamin' good!

Erin has been away for the past few weeks, visiting friends and relatives in New South Wales. She came home yesterday and we welcomed her back with a BBQ in the forest.

Last October I purchased stands for the caravan and also bought a pack of "Mystical Fire". We finally used it last night, after carefully reading the many precautions and safety notes.

When viewing the instructions I noted the recommendation of one to three packs per fire - and we all agreed three packets would've been more impressive!  Everyone really enjoyed watching the pretty flames though and it was neat to see how far they ventured from the site of the burning pack.  (You can buy Mystical Fire via eBay and I'm thinking of getting more, for special occasion use).

Ages ago I found a website with instructions for DIY colour changing flames and I was looking at that again today.  We might take some of the more everyday items with us on our next forest evening - for further experimentation and flamin' good fun!

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