Sunday, 13 March 2016

On top of the world ...

On our last visit to Ararat's One Tree Hill Lookout we hadn't stayed long as it was cold and windy.  The weather was so much nicer this time.

Nick set up our new picnic table and the dual fuel stove. We sat on the edge of the world, sipping our drinks and munching biscuits while spotting for tiny sheep through the binoculars.

As we sat admiring the view, some other people asked if we were there for the sunset.  It was a tempting thought but at that stage the sun still had several hours before bedtime.  I reckon if we are in the vicinity on another occasion though, it would be a wonderful vantage point to view the setting sun.  One for the wish list?

Vaughan was out of sorts on arrival but recovered his good humour after two hot chocolates and several choc-chip cookies! He had earlier queried why we couldn't go to a cafe. Our explanation was along the lines of there (thankfully) not being one at the lookout - and that generally our picnic provisions are cheaper, more convenient and often just better!

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