Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bostock to Buninyong

We hadn't planned to visit Mount Buninyong - but were glad we did!

After our splendid brunch at Bostock Reservoir, we weren't keen to return home too quickly.  That is, Nick and I weren't keen - Vaughan was out of sorts and determined to inflict his misery on the rest of us!

Nick did ask what Vaughan would prefer to be doing and our young boy responded that he wanted to go home and watch TV but we didn't have a home or a TV!

As we ignored Vaughan's sulking, Nick suggested driving up a nearby mountain, Vaughan and I were both hesitant.  I expect we each had envisioned a steep 4WD track.

Fortunately Nick's first choices were not accessible and we drove up to the Summit Picnic Area via sealed road.  Once at the top, we set up our dual-fuel stove to boil the kettle.  We sat sipping our tea and coffee while watching little birds flitting in the trees.  The tower was just visible from our picnic table, so we headed over for a closer look.

I'm not great with heights and decided to stay on firm ground rather than climb the tower.  Nick reached the highest accessible platform.  Vaughan and Bandit very bravely went up too, though not as high as Nick.

There was a geocache nearby, which we found before making our way back to Elmer and heading home again.  I expect we'll try some of the walks another time, cos it really was a pretty spot to visit.

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