Sunday, 13 March 2016

Carping on!

Our pace was quite leisurely on Sunday. After spending time at Lake Wendouree, we started heading west but stopped at Lake Burrumbeet to give Bandit a run.

We visited the lake briefly last year and it seems the water level has dropped further since.

It was Bandit who found the first dead fish.  Luckily we called him back before he thoroughly rolled in them!

There were so many huge fish - it was really amazing.  We didn't know what sort of fish they were but friends later identified them as (European) carp.

A local news story from November last year refers to tonnes of the carp being removed from the lake.  Tonnes!

It seemed odd that so many were left behind after the cull but I've read some more information since. In December there was an Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) notification of a "fish death incident" where one to two thousand dead carp were found on the Lake Burrumbeet foreshore - and I reckon those are what we saw.

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