Sunday, 6 March 2016

Reserv(oir)ed dining ...

We first discovered Bostock Reservoir in late October last year.  (I'm not sure when the photo in the link was taken but the water level is much lower at the moment).

I've been exploring some of the walking trails with Bandit this week - and we've dined there three times too, which includes today's lovely BBQ brunch and dinner.

Why spend so much time there?  Well, it's only 6km out of town, so just a short drive away - and it's somewhere new to explore.

Even better, we often have the place to ourselves.  Bonus!

We've been living in the caravan for just over five months now.  I reckon we're doing very well with four of us (five, counting Bandit) sharing such small quarters - dealing with the various challenges of limited space and facilities.

It's trickier living so closely within such a small community.

Prior to leaving our most recent home, we lived on a five-acre section of 100-acre-plus property, with just cows and some rabbits for neighbours.  (The nearest house was more than one kilometre away).

Nick asked me this week if I'm counting our five months of caravan living in my camping night tally. I said no, it's not holiday camping - and Nick quipped that it was trauma camping! That's an exaggeration but we do enjoy escaping to the reservoir (and to the forest)!

My thermal cookers are great for our reservoir dining.  I cooked mexican mince at home on Tuesday night, then kept it warm and transported it in the top pot (with hot water in the larger bottom pot).  On Friday night, I put ice in the bottom pot with some tubs of chocolate mousse and creme caramel.  At the same time, I had a simple salad chilling in the top pot.

Tonight I boiled potatoes in the bottom pot - while carrots, beans and broccoli cooked in the top pot.  All vegies were nicely done and I mashed the potatoes on site to have with our BBQed meat.  We did excellent work!

You can see today's lovely brunch in the bottom pic.  The ingredients were just on $17.00 from our local IGA (and there were eggs, bread and milk leftover).  Last weekend we were very lucky to enjoy two cafe breakfasts - and the cost for a large cooked brekky was around $17.00 (each)!  


  1. Looks delicious.
    I'm far to find of my elbow room to holiday in a caravan for a weekend let alone 5 months so I tip my hat to you.

    1. Thanks, Melinda! Yep, elbow room is definitely in short supply but I like to think our reserves of patience are increasing!