Monday, 9 November 2015

You beauty, another beverage case!

Nick and I recently celebrated 12 years of togetherness. (Hooray for us)!

On one of our early outings, I collected an eBay win - a small vintage picnic suitcase, intended for two people.  It included a thermos, cutlery and mustard yellow plates, cups and saucers.

I sold the thermos as I preferred to use mine.  Over time, I added extra thermal cups and the case was used for our hot beverages.  It's seen a lot of action and been many places.

Sadly the case is deterioring.  The zip jams.  It's breaking away from the sides. The vinyl-covered cardboard is loose and becoming more difficult to clean.

A bit over two years ago I bought a beauty case from an op-shop.  It was a $10.00 bargain and is now getting a lot of use in the caravan park when I trek to (and from) the amenities block.

We visited our favourite tip shop today. I spotted another beauty case (with key!) and decided it might be a good replacement for my beverage case.  This make-up case was an even bigger bargain - only $5.00!  Like the first, it was in excellent condition and only required light cleaning.  The usual beverage case contents fit easily and I'll be able to include extra thermal cups for the times when we have more picnickers.

You can see our thermal cups very clearly here.  They were another fantastic bargain and were well worth our small investment!


  1. Great idea using the beauty case and it looks cool too!

    1. It's a good thing vintage is currently "in"! ;) We tested the case today and it works well - even fits into the 4WD drawers, so another win!