Sunday, 29 November 2015

Putting some Christmas!

It's very nearly three months since we left our former home.  At that stage we hadn't given much thought to Christmas.  We packed Vaughan's small fibre-optic tree and only a few other decorations, though didn't really expect to use them.

The Reject Shop had a family and friends sale this week and we took advantage of the extra discounts to buy some solar and battery lights as well as some window decals, tinsel and other bits.

Nick strung the solar lights along the side of the van yesterday.

Earlier in the day, I put two Christmas tree solar lights near the front door.

(Those solar tree lights were bought for our 2010 Yowah Christmas and are still working well).

The battery lights are strung inside many of the van windows - and a few loops are visible inside too.

One permanent resident across from us has a strand of tinsel in his front window. At this stage there isn't much other Christmas decorating and I expect our site looks a bit Griswald-ish by comparison!  It's pretty though and I do like spending some time at the end of the day admiring our efforts.

It may be that we are house-sitting for a week over Christmas but we'll probably be in the van the rest of the festive season.

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