Friday, 6 November 2015

Two (or three) tyred ...

We are planning a long haul for our Fudd truck and the caravan, so there are various preparations taking place.  Elmer spent a couple of days at a local 4WD workshop the week before last.  He'll have a new extractor fitted tomorrow.

There is other work that Nick will do - including fitting some much better towing mirrors.

I've been organising the inside of the van, partly to increase our comfort while stationary but also to streamline our touring ability.

Nick checked the van tyres last week. They were well and truly past their use-by date.  We ordered two new wheels with new tyres - and had a new tyre put on one of the existing rims.  The tyre salesman offered a choice of colours for the rims.  I explained that it was an old caravan and we weren't all that fashion conscious.  Of course, once fitted the white wheels will be the newest part of the caravan and the contrast between them and the rest of the van will be stunning!

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