Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Best yet!

While we were in Daylesford, Erin visited the tourist information centre and collected a map of the mineral springs in the area.

She directed us to the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve.

Once there we set up for a BBQ lunch, where we very much enjoyed the spotless hotplates and super-clean tables (though we still used a table-cloth)!

We went for a walk after lunch, to try a few of the springs in the area.  Erin was still not overly keen but Nick and I felt the Hepburn spring water was definitely better than the many others we'd tasted!

There were several large rocks featured in the grounds.  We read each of them.

They had been cut to create a flat top, then polished and lastly engraved - with quotes about the area.  Interesting!

The public area was quiet but there were quite a few cars in the carpark for the kiosk/bath-house.

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