Thursday, 12 November 2015

Making our bed - up!

We've been using a mattress on top of our camp stretchers in the caravan.  It works well enough but Nick has been scheming for an improved system.

For the past several weeks we've both been searching eBay and Gumtree for a double bed frame.  It needed to be wood, so Nick could raise the mattress height.

We had looked in some op-shops and our favourite tip shop.  No joy.

Of course there were beds available but not at the price we wanted to pay.  It seemed the plan may not go ahead.

Yesterday we made an impromptu visit to an op-shop.  Nick went in.  I waited in the car.

Nick was soon back to show me a bed that would work.  It had a few marks and needed minor repair but was pretty much what we wanted - and even better, was only $15.00!

On the way home, we collected two wood pieces from a local tip shop. They were free!

Nick worked on the bed during the afternoon.  He shortened the legs of the bed-end and lengthened those of the bed-head.

Later that evening, Nick removed the camp stretchers.  He re-assembled the bed in the space at the end of the van.

The mattress was put back in place and we made the "princess bed" ready to use last night.  It's a lot taller than previously (about level with my hip), so there is plenty of room for the plastic tubs beneath.  I'll start organising them over the next few days.  Aside from the increased storage potential, the bed is now a lot more comfortable than when the mattress was supported by the camp stretchers.  Hooray!

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