Sunday, 15 November 2015

Princess bed ...

In a few days we'll be moving from our current caravan park, so we've started to pack the van and prepare the tent for removal.

Raising the bed has greatly improved the storage potential.

There is a large clear area beneath - with 540mm clearance between the floor and the bed slats.

The stretchers were lower, only just clearing the plastic boxes and needed more space for their centre legs (not viewable in pics).

As well as the area under the bed, there is a narrow space at the end, between the wall and foot-board.

The two stretchers we were using are now in their storage bags.  They are at the end of the bed, together with a spare that was in the tent.

There's a spare chair on top of them and the tarp that used to cover our clothes-line.  In time it may become a van cover to prevent leaks.

My roller will sit on top of those items, ready to use each night.  What else?  A box of stuff that missed being packed into the shipping container and probably a spotted bag of spare linen.  There are two umbrellas and our tarp bed-cover!  The plan is to use the area under the bed for easier access to stuff that may be needed more regularly.

At this stage, there's a fair some space still available at the end of the bed and a heap more underneath - which is a good thing!

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