Friday, 13 November 2015

Boiling the billy at Burrumbeet!

We had a day out yesterday.  It was raining when we set off, so we headed in a westward direction and ended up past Ballarat.

After driving along Ballarat's impressive Avenue of Honour, we could see a huge lake ahead of us.

It seemed a good place for a picnic but we didn't see any signs to indicate how to get there, so continued on to Beaufort, where we spent several hours happily exploring Camp Hill Reserve.  It wasn't till much later in the afternoon (when heading home) that we found our way to Lake Burrumbeet.

There is a caravan park beside the lake but no picnic facilities.  We set our dual fuel stove beside a huge rock (which made a great windbreak).  Our new beverage case rested on top of the rock and we enjoyed a late afternoon tea watching pelicans and other water birds in the distance. Lovely!

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