Thursday, 7 May 2015

Weighing options?!

Keeping Vaughan's top bunk bedding in place is a two-part mission. Now that I've made my first pair of inseparable sheets, it was time to ensure the blankets would also stay put.

Nick and I discussed several options.  We both had a similar idea of using a heavy rod to weight the blankets along the wall side of the bed.

There is a shallow channel, where the bunk platform hinges to the wall.  The rod should sit nicely in that space, holding the blankets on top of Vaughan.

I have a number of woollen blankets, bought at bargain prices from various op-shops.  Although I'd been using this one on our caravan bed, it makes better sense for Vaughan to use it, doubled over, on his bunk.

Nick and I visited our favourite tip shop today.  We were particularly looking for a rod, used for holding weights.  We found one even better than we'd hoped to get. 

In fact, we came away with a swag of stuff, all for $15.00! The rod represents less than $5.00 of that total price.  It weighs around 7kg and should work well for our purpose.  When we found it, there were some clamps bolted to the rod ends (to hold the weights).  Nick had expected a different configuration, which would have required him to use the metal grinder.  He was very happy to un-bolt the clamps - and took them off before I could take photos!

I made a simple cover for the rod, using some off-cuts from the inseparable sheet project.  The ends are turned over and held firm by some scraps of elastic.

It's cold outside - and raining - so at this stage the 4WD mat is on the lounge room floor with the rod in place.  All looks good and fingers crossed will work well once properly fitted to Vaughan's top bunk!

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