Sunday, 3 May 2015

Carrot weight?!

I conducted another dried vegetable experiment today. This time with carrots. I started with a kilo of larger carrots (as per the backpacking chef's advice), then steamed the slices for around eight minutes before arranging them in the dehydrator.

Unlike yesterday's mushrooms, I only needed two of the five available trays.

Drying time seems to be a variable concept. All up the carrot slices had around six hours.

It's quite interesting to see how much they reduce in size. 

I started with eight large carrots, which was 1kg according to the packaging.  I didn't think to double-check the original weight.  Those same carrots (less skin and trimmings) now weigh just under 100 grams - and fit easily into a 470ml plastic container!  Pretty nifty, eh?!


  1. Very nifty! I would not have thought to steam them first.

    1. Steaming isn't necessary but supposed to give a brighter result, which appealed!