Sunday, 10 May 2015

Racing to bed!

When Vaughan graduated from his cot (many years ago), he moved into a car bed. I think this racing car fabric was bought around that time - with thoughts of making a doona cover.

I listed the material on eBay but decided I may as well use it (rather than receive less than $1.00 for my efforts), so ended the auction.

I've been busy the past couple of days, revamping an old quilt for Vaughan to use in the caravan.

The quilt was cut down to about 94cm wide.  I shortened it a little, too. 

The new cover has a series of loops along the wall side.  It may be that we'll use them with the weight bar (if the blankets are not needed) or improvise some other fastening system, when necessary.  It doesn't matter if the loops aren't used, they tone in with the fabric and are not highly visible when viewing the bunk from a normal standing position.

Vaughan likes to read in bed and I'm thinking of using some of the leftover quilt fabric to create a bedside pocket similar to the one I made for myself.

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