Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bedding down (or up)!

I returned the 4WD mat to Vaughan's top bunk yesterday, then made the bed using my newly-created inseparable sheets. Wow!

I still had to stand on a milk crate but the job was so much quicker and easier - no contortionist antics for me!  I was very impressed with my excellent work!

Installing the blanket and weight-lifter rod was a bit trickier, so I called on Nick for assistance.  The sticking point was that I wanted the blanket edges to hang evenly on the non-wall side - you know, within a few millimetres of each other!  When it became (more) obvious that wasn't a realistic expectation, I compromised so the top edge overhangs the other by a small margin.  The blankets still look neat when the edges are not tucked under the mat and I'm quite happy with the end result. 

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