Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Think Pink!

When making curtains for the rear of the caravan, I included insulated lining on the set for the long window. I didn't think to do the same for either of the side windows.

Given the cold nights experienced during our most recent camping weekend - and the fact that one window is above my pillow - I brought a set of curtains inside this afternoon, thinking I would line them.

I was still pondering what fabric to use when I spotted this Pink Panther sun-shade.  It had been intended for another project - but that one didn't go ahead. 

It seemed easier to cover the window (than line the curtains), so I cut away a shaped section of the sunshade and stuck the two wider ends together.  The curtain rod brackets are only fixed using the top holes.  As the bottom holes are free, it was possible to slip the sunshade between the bracket and the wall.  It may be that the pressure of the bracket is enough to hold the sunshade in position against the window.  If not, I'll add elastic loops for extra security (unless I have a better idea)! 

The curtains cover most of the sunshade and I'll probably remove the pink strap you can see in the photo.  Only the silver side of the sunshade is visible from outside the van, though we aren't overly concerned about impressing anyone walking past!


  1. That is cool that you are making your own curtains!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I quite liked making the curtains and had moved on to some other small projects but we are now preparing to move house, so caravan revamping has taken a back seat!