Sunday, 3 May 2015

Home-made firelighters ...

It was a day for experimentation.  I'd read about making fire lighters from wax, dryer lint and egg cartons. We no longer use a dryer though, so further reading confirmed the same method could be used with sawdust - which we have plenty of!

I had old candles in the cupboard, so choose two and melted them as per these instructions.  Vaughan helped to mix the sawdust into the wax. 

I'd seen other methods that involved tipping the melted wax over the egg cartons but this approach seemed easier/safer.

Our mix yielded 35 egg carton fire lighters.  Not bad for stuff that was all on hand.  No additional outlay required!  We don't get much junk mail, so have a limited supply of newspaper.  I tried wrapping a few of the single firelighters in A4 paper destined for the recycling bin.  It wasn't greatly successful but the firelighters themselves seem to work well - though are yet to be tested in the great outdoors!

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