Monday, 23 April 2012

Jenolan Caves

It took around an hour to drive from Lithgow to Jenolan Caves.  The last 8km was quite windy, with a chain mesh safety fence supported by rotting white posts!  (Nick was extra careful through that bit)!

It was a first visit for everyone and there were many "oh, wow"s as we caught sight to the blue lake (tinted by limestone) and the huge arched cave over the road as we approached our destination.  We had decided to visit the Lucas Cave and arrived in good time to purchase tickets and use the loos (built into the walls of the Grand Arch!) before assembling for our guided group tour.

The tour took around 2 hours (and many, many stairs) and we saw some wonderful formations.   Our passes included a 45-minute self-guided tour and half-price admission for another tour; so we are keen to return within the 12-month validation period and explore further. 

We had certainly worked up an appetite for our picnic lunch after the tour, so enjoyed potato/leek soup and cold meat sandwiches while looking out at the rain and newly-washed greenery.  Vaughan spotted a leech and asked what kind it was.  Erin very quickly responded:  "The gross kind!"

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