Sunday, 22 April 2012

Breakfast burritos (21-22 April)

My Ironfest menu plan was influenced largely by my memory of our previous visits to Lithgow.  Temperatures had been quite cold so I wanted hot, no-fuss breakfasts.  I cooked as much as possible prior to departure - and prepped quite a lot also as I wanted a break from routine too.  (We took one of our Engel fridges with us, running as a freezer which was set up in our small bathroom and raided as necessary)!

We often have a full cooked breakfast one morning while away but it didn't fit my less-mess theme for this break.  I spotted these breakfast burritos on a once-a-month cooking site though and liked that they could be made ahead, frozen then re-heated in the microwave.  Ours were rather more basic than the full version, in the hope that Vaughan might actually eat them!  Of course, leaving many of the ingredients out meant a much lower yield but the theory worked quite well and we may well have these on another trip.

Flashback - pikelets over the coals at Yowah (July 2010)
Pikelets are another regular for special breakfasts - at home and while away. 

We usually cook them on site but again that didn't fit with my cook's holiday ideal!

Instead I made a batch in the lead-up to departure, flash froze them on trays and then packed in a container.

They remained frozen till required and were very successfully reheated in the microwave and served with lemon and sugar on our final morning. (Some might argue it would have been better if I had packed a container of sugar rather than having to use the small complimentary sachets intended for coffee/tea but who's perfect)?!

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