Sunday, 22 April 2012

Packing the Me n U (21-22 April)

There are people who menu plan - all the time.  I am not one of them!  I do find it much easier to pack for our camping (and other) adventures if I write up a plan covering all meals for the time we are away. 

My first attempt at this was our 18-night camping trip to Yowah in July 2010.  Given Yowah's remote location we filled one fridge with cryovaced meat to take with us, which meant deciding what we would be eating each of those nights so as to instruct the butcher with quantities etc.  At the time it was quite a daunting exercise but since then I have done an even longer menu plan (for our month-long Yowah adventure), which makes menu planning for our shorter trips quite easy.

I save all the menu plans and then can adapt according to the number of campers, season/destination/facilities etc - and I do try new recipes/ideas.  We do not have a large budget for our trips, hence we camp or choose self-catering budget/bargain accommodation.

Butter Pork was created on our first longer camping trip.  The cryovaced chicken at the Texas Butchery looked less than appetising, so we bought cryovaced pork instead - and liked the substitution so much that it is a regular feature on our trips away.  Butter beans are an important inclusion and while it tastes best when cooked in a camp oven over an open fire, the thermal cooked version is still very good.

We stayed in a studio cabin while at Lithgow and were quite impressed by this set of plug-in hotplates.  They were fine for our needs and we may well procure some for our camping kit (when staying on powered sites).

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