Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy Hamby Hard-hats!

I kept looking up - and losing my hat!
After a compulsory OH&S briefing on the surface, we donned hard-hats and went approximately 11 metres below.  The temperature cooled from 26 to 16 degrees as we descended.

Payment was taken at the underground shop, where we received a discount due to our Ridgee Didge card.  (We well and truly recouped the $10 outlay during our stay).  At the time of paying, one member of each party signed a register with details of their couple/family in case of accident - and ladies were issued with torches!

There was a call for the group to split into two and we were joined by another family trio (our neighbours at Lorne Station) and an older couple who presumably fit the  "grandparents who like children" description!

Our small party explored the lower, mining level first - and it was interesting to hear how the early miners tied a sheepskin around their neck and waist to form a pouch for carrying rock and debris up to the surface (using footholes in the shaft, rather than a ladder, to climb out)!

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