Thursday, 15 September 2011

Dragon's Beard!

Although the "alarm clock bird" woke us around 5:30am each day, we generally didn't head out till mid-morning. 

On this occasion we weren't far along the Lorne Station driveway, when Erin spotted a bearded dragon grazing beside the road.  We all leapt out, keen for a closer look!  The lizard wasn't greatly enthused to have its breakfast interrupted and had puffed up most impressively.  As we hadn't seen one so inflated previously (nor one eating), I was intent on taking a photographic record - and dropped my hat over him/her quite by accident!

Of course, it is an indication of my enthusiasm generally that I hadn't changed into boots prior to getting out of the car, so was very soon spiked by some loose Hudson Pear (because I was too busy taking photos to watch where I was walking). 

The lizard had been spiked also and though Nick removed the spine from my foot (suffering spiking in the process), unfortunately we couldn't see how to remove the spikes from the lizard without causing further damage.

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