Saturday, 17 September 2011

An interesting mob!

Sheepyard, Glengarry and Grawin are a group of opal fields about 75km west of Lightning Ridge.  The January floodwaters from Queensland had cut the usual road though, so we took a 60km detour - and were glad we did. 

We stopped in at Sheepyard and while we didn't "get drenched" (as per one of the roadside invitations!) we did enjoy cold drinks while perusing the noticeboard and chatting with a few locals.  Vaughan showed off some of his rocks, which earned him a pocketful of opals from two of the miners! 

Free camping is available across the track from the pub and we investigated that with a view to a return visit for more thorough exploration of the area.  See here for an interesting article on Sheepyard.

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