Sunday, 2 January 2011

12-mile Adventure!

We had already lost the track a few times before here!
We had been chatting on the Cafe verandah about the Eulo mud springs and were given directions to some closer to Yowah, at 12-mile.

We took Nick's pepsi max home (sans frog) and set off on a new adventure after lunch. And what an adventure the afternoon proved to be - far more excitement than any of us had bargained for! The track was barely visible in places and we had lost it altogether not far out of town due to a large clear area. We followed a fence line for a bit, before the scrub got in the way! There is a fair bit of footage of the adventure and I shall try to upload it here.

Other side of the creek bed, with visible track!
The pic above is from the first creek crossing. We made another creek crossing further along and needed to stop in the creek bed to determine where the track went.

Vaughan was keen to catch more tadpoles and though it was very pleasant in the shade next to a few small pools, we were on a mission!  We continued onward. (Erin was struggling with the bumpy ride and looked fairly white). There was much discussion at about 30km along the track as to whether or not we should turn back. We decided to travel along another 10 kilometres and it was around that point that we saw much green grass, larger trees and many mullock-type heaps.

Nick tried to drive closer to the green, where we presumed the waterhole to be. There was water on the track though and so much high grass that we couldn't see where we would end up.

We turned around and drove back over to the mullock heaps. There was various discussion en route, with Nick querying the whereabouts of the mud springs - as he started driving up one of the mullock heaps. I had just voiced my alarm that the mullock heaps were in fact the mud springs, causing Nick to hurriedly engage reverse gear. Too late - we were well and truly stuck!

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